1D Preference #6: He’s your brother’s best friend… (Requested) 


You and Niall were definitely a touchy-feely couple. Whenever you were around each other, you both needed some type of hold on each other. It wasn’t that you were a sex addict or that Niall was. Both of you just wanted to touch and kiss and just be near each other. At home, in public, there was no exception. So when Niall was over to hang out with your brother it ended up being time with you. You had walked out of your room for a cupcake only to see Niall and immediately you needed to get close to him. You sat yourself on his lap and began making out with him. Even though he was playing Fifa, he dropped the controller to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you closer. “We were playing a game!” Y/B/N whined childishly. Niall took his mouth off yours so your lips moved to his neck. “Sorry, mate. I just,” Niall moaned loudly when you “accidentally” brought your lips against the area behind his earlobe, “she’s just,” you nibbled on his earlobe before pressing kisses down his neck, “we’re both very hot.” You began giggling at how Niall never made sense no matter how he tried. “What’s with you?” Niall asked once your lips were fully removed from his neck. “You’re so stupid.” You giggled before he pressed his lips to yours hard. Hair pulling and moaning began immediately. The kisses got intense quickly and you two were making out on the couch, Niall on top of you. “I’m still here!” Your brother yelled at the two of you. You flipped him off so you wouldn’t have to take your lips from Niall’s. “Can we make a deal?” The both of you ignored Y/B/N. “If I beat both of you at Fifa then I get my bro time but if I lose twice then you two can do whatever.” Niall took his lips from yours and looked at his best friend. “Deal.” He sat up, adjusted himself, and then picked up the controller. “This is so goddamn dumb.” You muttered resting your head in your hands. Five minutes into the game and it was getting incredibly intense for Niall and Y/B/N while you were just bored out of your mind. “This is boring. I’m going to Y/BF/N’s house.” You announced. “See you tomorrow, princess!” Niall called not even asking you to stay. Your brother turned to give you a look that told you this had been his plan all along. “You suck, Y/B/N.”


Your eyes followed (Y/B/N) as he walked out of the door. “I’ll be back in a few, have to go get some food,” He called, slamming the door behind him. You whipped your head around and pounced on Harry, hungrily connecting your lips to his. He groaned, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer. “He just doesn’t stop talking,” You murmured breathlessly as Harry trailed kisses down your neck. “Mmmm,” He hummed, silently agreeing with you, but not wanting to make much noise. You sighed and pulled his face back up to your lips once more. You heard the door creek open and you gasped, hastily pushing yourself off of Harry’s lap and onto the opposite side of the couch. “I just left the keys,” Your brother said, chuckling to himself. “Damn, bro, what happened to your hair?” He asked. You slowly turned to face Harry, your eyes wide as you took in his disheveled curls. Harry bent his head down, shaking his hair and pushing it out of his eyes. “Must be the.. erm- humidity, yeah the humidity,” Harry stammered, his cheeks flushing. You closed your eyes, hoping that your brother wouldn’t catch on. “We live in England, Harry,” Your brother pointed out. “You made out with my sister?!” Your brother exclaimed after a moments silence, his brain finally piecing the evidence together. Harry awkwardly cleared his throat, shooting you a pleading look. “Uhhh,” You started to say but your brother was already in front of Harry, his eyes ablaze. “What the fuck?!” Harry shot me a look and stood up, his hands raised. “Look mate I’m really sor-” “You’re really SORRY?! That’s my little sister!” He yelled, his face getting red. “(Y/B/N)…” Your brother pointed a finger at you, shutting you up. “Don’t talk to me,” He said sternly. “Now you listen here, mate,” Your brother said, getting in Harry’s face, spittle bubbling on his lip. He raised his hand and you gasped, your hand covering your mouth. Your brother brought his hand down and clapped Harry on the back. “Protection, mate, protection. I can go get you some when I’m out. Probably good thing too, I’m getting low,” He muttered, turning around, his voice dropping back to normal. “Wh-What?” Harry stammered, his eyes wide, following your brother’s retreating back. “Don’t hurt her Harry. Or I’ll hurt you!” Your brother called, grabbing his keys from the counter and walking straight out the door. You turned to Harry your eyes wide. Harry bit his lip and shrugged, before walking over to you and crashing his lips to yours once again.


"Babe, can you grab that for me?" Liam called, not tearing his eyes away from the football match him and your brother were avidly watching. "Sure thing, babe," You replied, grabbing what Liam wanted. You settled back in next to him, your eyes trained on the match as well. "Babe, can you grab something to drink?" Liam asked after awhile. "Sure, babe," You replied, kissing him on the cheek. You went to the fridge and grabbed three Pepsi’s. You handed your brother a Pepsi before handing Liam one. "Here you go babe," You said, smiling at him. "Thanks ba-" "Say the word babe one more time I swear I will strangle both of you," (Y/B/N) grunted from the other side of the couch, his eyes never tearing away from the television. You winked at Liam. "Oh babeeee," You moaned out, straddling Liam. "Not in my house!!" Your brother exclaimed, jumping off of the couch and staring at both of you, his eyes wide. You smirked and grabbed Liam’s face in between your hands and crashed your lips to his. "That’s my little sis," Your brother whimpered. You moaned again, trying to stifle your giggles. "For Christ’s sakes!" Your brother said, stomping out of the room. "I can’t even watch a damn football match…" He muttered to himself. When had finally gotten out of the room, you erupted into fits of giggles. "You, my dear, are one insane girl," Liam said, shaking his head and chuckling along with you. "Genius," You replied, still laughing. Liam barked a laugh and pulled his lips to yours. You smiled, still laughing and returned the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. "My genius," He whispered against your lips.


You and Zayn were having a lazy day at your house. The two of you were sprawled on the ground of your living room listening to an announcer of a football match over dramatically announce every little thing that happened in the match. After watching about twenty minutes of the game, Zayn had decided the announcer was more entertaining so you guys were just enjoying each other’s company, the sounds of the announcer replacing mindless conversation. About thirty minutes into the game, your brother, Y/B/N entered the living room with a beer in hand. “Hey Zayn, what’s up?” He asked his best friend as he took on the couch to enjoy the game. Zayn sat up to sit with his arms around his knees. “Not too much, did you get me one, mate?” Zayn inquired referring to the beer. “I didn’t know you were here. You’re actually be silent with, Y/N.” He winked at you which had you blushing in embarrassment that your brother had heard you two having sex the other night. Zayn chuckled as he stood up. “Well, I know where the kitchen is. You want anything, boo?” “I’ll take a beer as well.” You replied sitting up to sit next to your brother who was grinning at you. “What’s with you?” You asked him. “I like that you’re dating my best friend. He’s chill and perfect for you and you’re chill and perfect for him. Plus, your kids will be hot!” He exclaimed excitedly. “You just called Zayn and me hot.”  You informed Y/B/N. “Well Zayn is quite an attractive lad and we share the same genetics.” You were ready to object to what your brother was saying when Zayn walked back in. He handed you your beer before squeezing in between you and Y/B/N. The three of you filled the span of the game with mindless banter, no one really following the game. The announcer’s dramatic ways were quickly forgotten as the three of you laughed at stupid inside jokes there were irrelevant to the day. A tournament of Fifa was called to order once the game was over and the three of you filled up the rest of the time with intense games of Fifa. “Is that the time? I need to go!” Zayn jumped off the couch, putting the controller down. “Are you sure? You can sleep over.” Y/B/N suggested and you hoped Zayn would take the offer. “No thanks, mate. I don’t want to keep that one awake.” Zayn winked at you causing you to pout. You stood up. “I’ll walk you to the door, babe.” You offered heading to your boyfriend who grinned at you. The two of you trailed over to the doorway with interlocked fingers. “See you tomorrow?” You smiled at Zayn who nodded. “Yeah, of course! It’s always fun to be with you and your brother.” He pecked your lips before going through the door to his car. You wandered back to the living and sunk into the couch beside your brother. “Did our lover leave?” He asked and you nodded in response. “Damn, no threesome.” You crinkled your nose in disgust at his words. “Just because you’re Zayn’s best friend and Zayn is my boyfriend doesn’t mean you get to be included in our sex life.” You told him. Y/B/N laughed at you as he stood up and walked away. “Damn, from how Zayn makes it sound, being in bed with you two is the best.”


"Hey Haz." You greeted your brother as you entered his flat which you were staying at for a few days. You shut the door with your foot heading forwards to see why you hadn’t gotten a response only to see Harry playing Call of Duty with Louis. "Hey Haz." You repeated, dropping your copious amount of shopping bags on the ground for added emphasis. Harry turned around mumbling a greeting and turned back to the game. Louis, on the other hand, dropped his controller on to the couch and stood up, heading over to you. "Hey, love, need help?" Louis asked referring to your bags. You grinned at your boyfriend and nodded. "I have a few in the lobby too." "I’m on it!" Louis pecked your lips before he went off to get the other bags. You took your the bags you had to your room and came out to see Harry standing up with his arms across his chest. "What’s wrong, Haz?" Harry’s green eyes narrowed at you. "You! You just come strutting in here and commanding the attention of my best friend." Your eyes widened and you shook your head. "I’m sorry, Harry, but he’s my boyfriend. A damn good one too." You snapped. "Can’t you go somewhere and give us some privacy or something?! I never get to hang out with him." Harry growled. You glared at Harry, his anger baffling you. Your brother had never been like this about Louis and you, he’d actually been all for it. Now he was angry and he was making you angry. "You see him all the time on tour, Haz. It’s my turn so fuck off." Harry cringed at your word choice seeing as he hated when you cursed. "Y/N, I want bro time." "Harry, I want couple time. And I’m going to get couple time." You told him as his green eyes narrowed at you. Your arms were across your chest and you were mentally preparing for the yelling battle that would take place. Harry opened his mouth ready to begin when Louis opened the door with bags in his hands. "Back!" He sang dropping the bags on the ground so he could close the door. "What’s going on?" Louis’s blue eyes were wide and his brows were furrowed in confusion. "Nothing." Harry mumbled looking at the ground. When Louis looked at you, you shook your head and brought your eyes to the ground too. "No, really. Tell me." Louis being Louis attempted to lighten the mood. "Were you two fighting over me?" Harry and your head snapped up at Louis. "Guys, no." You and your brother dropped eye contact with Louis, ashamed at your behavior. "You two are siblings, you can’t fight over me." Louis told the two of you sternly. Harry spoke first. "You are my best friend." You glared at Harry. "You’re my boyfriend!" Harry’s green eyes snapped to you and he glared fiercely at you. Louis sighed dramatically. "I’m both. There’s no need to fight about me." Harry’s jaw dropped. "There is when as soon as Y/N waltzes in you’re all over her! You’re supposed to be having a guy day with me!" You suddenly felt guilty and you could tell Louis did too. You both hadn’t realized how you were effecting Harry. "How about we all get some Starbucks?" You offered in attempt to make amends. "Yeah, as long as Louis’s there too it doesn’t matter to you." Harry mumbled angrily. Louis ran a hand through his light brown hair. "Love, run to Starbucks and get us our usuals. Harry and I will stay here." Harry looked at Louis with surprise. "Fine," you mumbled in annoyance picking up your purse and heading to the door. "Hold on, Harry." Louis told him which made you turn around. "Thanks, love." Louis kissed you lightly. "Anything for Haz, I guess." You rolled your eyes. Louis laughed at your attitude. "C’mon, babe. We can hang out tonight and do things Harry definitely can’t interrupt." Louis winked at you as you giggled and nodded pressing a kiss on his lips.

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