1D Preference #34: He’s upset and you comfort him… 

A/N: Hope y’all like it! Some of these are AUs and some are in the boys’ POV. Love you guys!

-Celeste and Taylor xx


A vague phone call from Niall had you coming home early from shopping. You dropped your purse on the ground and called for Niall. The call had worried you a bit for your boyfriend, he hadn’t sounded upbeat and happy which meant something was wrong. Niall was always upbeat and full of life. “Babe!” Your call garnered no response so you looked around. The blond wasn’t in the kitchen or the living room. You checked in his music room where he wasn’t playing his guitar so you headed to the bedroom. All the covers were pulled off the bed so they could wrap around the little ball you could knew was Niall. “Aw baby, what happened?” You whispered as you crossed the room. You put your arms around the ball to hug Niall as best you could. He poked his blond head out. “I’m sad.” He told you without the need. His blue eyes were red rimmed and his face was tear stained. “What happened, love?” You prompted. The blond poked out a little more and situated himself so his head was in your lap. He sucked in a deep breath. “The dog I watched while you were at class ripped up my stuffed leprechaun and then ate him.” Niall nuzzled into your lap even more as you ran your fingers through his hair. The stuffed toy meant loads to him because it reminded him of Ireland, his home. There was truly nothing you could say. Niall was truly devastated over the loss. You moved his head and stood up. Niall looked at you. “C’mon, babe, let’s I’ll put in a pizza and we can have some ice cream and maybe I can call Lou to pickup some Nando’s.” He wiped away some tears. “Sound good, Ni?” You asked gently. Niall nodded, wiping at his tears. “You always know what to do. Thanks, Princess, love you.” He said taking the hand you’d offered and giving you a small, genuine smile. “Anything for you, love.”


I shoved my hands deep in my pockets as I trudged up the stairs to our flat. My breath came in puffs of air, able to see in the cold air. The concert tonight was horrible, horrendous, pathetic… I quickly shook my head to clear it as I opened up the door to our flat. The soft noise of the television came from the living room. I shucked my jacket and shoes, barely smiling when I saw (Y/N) curled up on the couch. “Hello superstar,” she said sleepily, opening up her arms and stretching out to make room for me. My teeth sunk into my bottom lip as I made my way over, almost throwing myself into her arms. She sighed as I burrowed my head into her chest, her clothes smelling like vanilla and that expensive shampoo she uses. “Harry…” She started but I whined low in my throat, and she didn’t continue. Just her arms around me helped me instantly relax and I felt most of the guilt and shame leave my body. She brought her hands up to my head, soothingly running her fingers through my hair. “It was horrible. I did horrible. My voice kept cracking,” I said as my voice cracked. Instead of continuing, I busied myself by kissing every part of her I could reach, starting with her collarbones. “Harry…” She started, but I cut her off again. “It was just really cold and maybe that’s the reason…” I rambled, my lips brushing against her skin with each word that I mumbled. She just sighed and I felt her shake her head as she wiggled downward so she was able to look me in the eyes. I reluctantly looked at her, her eyelashes framing her concerned eyes. “I love you,” she said simply and I was grateful. I didn’t want a mood boosting lecture, I just wanted someone to hold me. “I know,” I whispered as I pressed my lips lightly against hers. I pulled away, resting my head on her chest, closing my eyes as she carded her fingers through my hair. She hummed quietly to herself and I fell asleep there, the soft blare of the television and her song lulling me to sleep.


I pried my eyes open as my alarm went off. We had to get up at five in the morning for the past week for promos. I groaned and threw my hand out to turn off the damn noise. (Y/N) mumbled sleepily into her pillow as her eyes fluttered open, staring at Liam in confusion. “S’early,” she said quietly, her voice scratchy with sleep. “Don’ wanna get up,” I murmured as my arm reached out to curl around her waist. She sighed deeply through her nose, her eyes slowly closing again. “Go back to sleep,” I murmured into the back of her neck, chuckling quietly when I felt her shudder. However, anger coursed through me as I thought about my long day ahead. We had been going nonstop for weeks now with little to no breaks. I just wanted to lay down in my flat with (Y/N) curled up on my chest. My phone buzzed on the table beside my bed and I groaned, reaching over to snatch it up. Meet outside in 15. Marco had texted. I groaned again and dropped my phone on the floor, causing (Y/N) to jump. “The hell?” She mumbled, turning over to look at me. “What’s wrong?” She asked automatically, her arms reaching out to grab my waist as she snuggled into my chest, her eyes falling closed again. I reached up and ran my fingers through my hair, sighing deeply. “I just… There’s so much to do and so little time and I’m just so tired of getting up at the crack of dawn and not spending any time here with you,” I rambled. (Y/N) murmured her approval as her fingers trailed up and down my bare chest. I squeezed my eyes shut and pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to not hyperventilate. “One more day, Li. And then you’re done,” she murmured. I smiled a little at her words and hugged her closer to my side. “I love you. Don’t forget that,” I said as I kissed her temple. “Never,” she murmured as she slipped further into unconsciousness.


My mum’s muffled sobs were able to be heard in the background over the phone. I clenched my jaw at the sound and squeezed my eyes shut. “She just misses you, yeah? Don’t worry about it Zayn. You’ll be home soon,” Safaa said over the phone. I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. “Yeah I’ll be home soon. I love you Safaa,” I said, my voice thick with tears. Safaa said a quick ‘I love you too’ and was gone, leaving me to listen to the dial tone. I exhaled shakily, my eyes burning from unshed tears. I turned around and fisted my hands in my shirt, tugging helplessly at the material. “Babe?” A small voice said. I wrenched my eyes open and my gaze settled on (Y/N), her eyes wide and concerned. I swallowed past the lump in my throat, trying to regain my composure. “Are you hungry? We can go out to eat?” I asked, clearing my throat when my voice cracked. Her eyebrows knitted together and she shook her head. “Are you okay?” She whispered as she made her way over to me. I nodded quickly, averting my eyes from her searching gaze. Her arms snuck their way around my waist as she looked up at me. “It’s okay to cry you know,” she murmured, so quiet I could barely hear her. At that I buried my head in her hair and let the first few tears trickle out. Before I knew it I was crying silently into her hair. She shushed and rubbed my back soothingly as I cried. “I just miss them so much,” I murmured. “You don’t need to explain,” she shushed and buried my head into her neck. The tears had finally ceased and we both stood in the middle of the bedroom, locked in a right embrace. “I love you,” she whispered into the silent air. My shoulders dropped and I kissed along her jaw. “I love you so fucking much,” I mumbled. And somehow, I knew that everything would be okay, as long as she was there to help.


There had been a lack of Louis all day. He wasn’t at home, he wasn’t at your house, he wasn’t at his favourite café. “Try the fields.” Lottie shrugged. You headed to the fields Louis’s frequented. “Lou?” Your eyes found a sweaty Louis with a soccer ball. The goal had fallen over and you wondered how long it’d been down. This wasn’t Louis. The boy looked at you before going for another kick as hard as he could, a groan leaving his lips as his foot collided with the ball. “The net’s down.” You commented when you gotten closer. Louis rolled his cerulean eyes. “No shit, Sherlock.” His tone was bitter and condescending. You crossed your arms over your chest. “Don’t be a dick. I didn’t see you all weekend because of your match and the day you get back I don’t even get a text? What’s up with you?” Louis groaned. “Nothing.” “Nothing, my ass. Tell me what’s going on.” Louis sighed and dropped his football so he could sit on it. You knelt down too so you’d be eye level with your boyfriend. “You didn’t even text me after the game.” You grabbed his hands to hold. “The match. Oh god. The match was so shit. I was terrible. I got a penalty kick and I went up for it and I kicked it and it went to the keeper. I shot the ball straight at the keeper, Y/N! There were scouts and recruiters and famous footballers at this game and I messed up. It was the point that could’ve tied up the game. We tried to get that point but my offence. You could have done a better job at offence. I got the ball and straightaway without looking up, I passed it off to a player on another team so we had to go to defence. I was so shit. I got knocked over twice for not looking.” Louis looked down to the perfectly mowed lawn so you wouldn’t see the tears building up. “Oh, darling!” You crossed the empty space between the two of you to tightly hug your boyfriend. Louis, taken by surprise, fell off the ball but squeezed you back. The two of you laid quietly in the grass before you spoke. “You aren’t shit.” You said quietly. “I am.” You pushed yourself onto your forearms so you could lock eyes with Louis. “You aren’t.” You pushed off of Louis to sit on your bum and Louis sat up too. “Listen, babe, you aren’t shit. Your match was shit but so what?” Louis sighed. “A bad match makes a difference.” You groaned dramatically. “You just need to forget about this little,” you searched for the right word, “snafu and move on to the next game.” Louis sniffled and shook his head. “Need to practice to get better.” You rolled your eyes. Louis was amazing, even if he didn’t believe it. You moved yourself into Louis’s lap and took both his hands. “Lou, you’re mental if you think no team would ever take you. You’re a wonderful player and all the scouts in the world know that, love! Don’t roll your eyes, you know as well as I do that you’re wonderful. You’re so good in fact my father gave in to my request to get you two private practice session with Rafael and Rooney.” Louis looked up at you with watery yet sparkling blue eyes. “Really?” He was quick to work a dejected look onto his face and look toward the ground. “They’ll decline. My skills are horrid.” You groaned loudly and lifted his chin so your eyes locked. “I absolutely adore you, Louis Tomlinson. And so do your teammates which is why you’re captain. You earned that with your skills and dedication. You deserve to be the captain and you deserve to move on from university sports to a good spot on a real team. You have the necessary skills and all the scouts out there know it.” You could tell your words meant everything to Louis as his blue eyes brightened. “Really?” All he needed was a conference boost. That was all Louis Tomlinson ever needed. “Really, babe. You’re amazing. On the field and off.” A genuine smile came across Louis’s lips and he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck. “Thanks.”

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